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: After quitting 44 days into office, Liz Truss is entitled to £115,000 annual grant for ex-prime ministers. Labour leader says she should reject it.


The leader of the opposition Labour Party on Friday said Liz Truss should refuse the grant given to former prime ministers after announcing her resignation just 44 days into office.

Keir Starmer, on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, said that Truss should refuse the annual £115,000 ($128,000) allowance. “She’s done 44 days in office, she’s not really entitled to it, she should turn it down and not take it.”

The payment to prime ministers was set up after the resignation of Margaret Thatcher, to help compensate the costs for their continued participation in public life. All former prime ministers are entitled to it, unless they are the leader of the opposition.

On the same program, former Conservative lawmaker and author Jeffrey Archer said he suspects Truss will turn down the payment, while former Conservative party leader Michael Howard said it should be up to her, whether she takes it or not.

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