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Key Words: Sam Bankman-Fried says FTX could move headquarters to U.S. after SEC registration


Sam Bankman-Fried, chief executive at Bahamas-based cryptocurrency exchange FTX said its possible his company could move its corporate headquarters to the U.S. under the right regulatory circumstances, in an interview at the DC Fintech Week conference Tuesday.

“There are absolutely things that could move us from [having] one quarter to three quarters of our personnel” in the United States, rather than abroad, Bankman-Fried said.

He added that his company is working with U.S. regulators and policymakers, including the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission to become a registered securities and derivatives exchange.

““I think if we’re able to get that, we’d be in a position where we would feel much more confident, charging forward, you know, as a U.S.-based company.””

— Sam Bankman Fried

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has said in recent public appearances that registering major cryptocurrency exchanges and subjecting them to oversight more typical of stock exchanges is a top priority.

Gensler has also said that the SEC  will have to come up with new procedures for registering crypto exchanges because they also offer custodial and broker-dealer services, unlike typical stock market exchanges and because exchanges like FTX also enable trading of commodity tokens like bitcoin

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